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A Different Twist on Goal Setting January 7, 2010

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I’m trying a little different slant on goal setting for 2010 and thought you might want to give a try yourself. Click the video for the twist…


Were’s your bucket list? January 14, 2009

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I’ve adopted a new mantra for the coming year.

ACTION! “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it moving.” – The late Sir Gary Halbert

I have a lot in my bucket. If your not familiar with The Bucket List, it is a film, about two guys who find out they have, well, less days then they have lived left, I’m in that category myself, who decide to make a bucket list, all the things they want to do before they ‘kick the bucket.”

A lot of the things I have done have been great, I have only a few regrets, however lots of things I would still like to do. I was reminded by Dan Kennedy in his No BS Newsletter that it’s better to leave with a messy desk, then a clean one.

It’s also a fact that a lot of the things I could have, could still do, are just because I haven’t started them. ABucket million and one reasons come to mind, not enough money, not enough experience, what if I do it and it fails?

The only real way to get anything done, and my renegade nature makes it easy, is to just jump in, ready or not and do it!

Do you have a bucket list? I hope so, maybe your younger and just call it a wish list, but regardless, you should have a whole-bunch-o-things that you want to do and just for one reason or another put it till latter. Start now, even if your not totally ready, it may just surprize you how ready you really are.

Have a great day, back to my bucket list. – Rick

It’s a crazzzy world, even a magician needs some help. January 8, 2009

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So I’m waiting in line at the gas station to get a bargain when I notice, believe it or not, the prices changed and went up while I’m sitting there, can you believe it? Then I noticed after coming out of the grocery store they had dropped below what they were when I originally pulled up an hour before. These are some crazy times we’re in. And, it looks like this recession is going to hang on for awhile.

Then, on the way home I had my own crazy idea. What if I ran a special limited sale of my own where the prices went up and down, just like at the gas station? I mean you may see one price, click and refresh the web page and a different price shows up, may be higher, may be lower, click again and yet
another pr.ice, sounds crazy, but kind’a fun too, doesn’t it?

Well, I got looking around and found some complicated software that would allow me to do just that, have a crazy roller coaster special.

So, I’m having my first ever crazy, you name what you want to give, roller coaster sale, just like the gas stations do, maybe they found the same software, who knows?

Anyway starting today and ending on Sunday at midnight you can take advantage of my roller coaster pricing and name your own price. Don’t like the number you see, just refresh the page, as many times as you like till you get the bargain you want, hit the button and it‘s yours.

So, What am I offering? Well, if you didn’t grab a copy of the Infamous Renegade Magician DVD when it was released last spring, now is the time to grab yours and you’ll get it for less then anyone else, I’ll even pick-up the shipping.

Just a word of warning, if your being affected by the recession, in any way, and most I hear are, this DVD could well be what you need to create your own personal economic stimulus package. Doesn’t sound like Uncle Sam is going to hand it to you.

You can find my special roller coaster sa.le at the bottom of the page, but don’t wait it’s all over and I’ll come to my senses Sunday at midnight est.

Check out the crazy roller coaster ride at: http://www.renegademagician.com/chapter1/

If you have any questions let me know. – Rick

Social networking as a business tool? December 20, 2008

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How viable is social networking to increase business and get new leads? I’ve been looking into it a lot of late. Having been one that has used face to face selling most of my business life (since age 15) I feel the internet was about to kill this form of business relationships. Along comes blogging, myspace, twitter and facebook as the online answer to face to face relationship selling only better.

I gathered the information I found and put to use into a took kit type package. You might want to check it out if your new to all this or experienced and wanting to get an extra edge.

Were just breaking inroads into using this form of marketing for business, so why not jump on it today and be ahead of the curve?

You can find out how to get up and running or improve your own blog today, starting from scratch. Hundreds of quick start, short cut tips, I have used. http://theprexpert.com/blogging/wpindex.html – Rick “The Publicity Expert”

Forry is gone at 92 December 7, 2008

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I learned this afternoon that Forest Ackerman died in Horrorwood today.

For most of you, you may be saying who??? However if you were growing up in the 1950’s until the mid ‘s 1980’s and a boy (although girls were not excluded) chances are once a month you would run, not walk down to the corner newsstand or in my case the Rexall drug store, plop down your hard earned allowance and get the latest edition of Famous Monsters of Flimland.

Inside were many hours of imagination for the young mind and those ads, those  captivating ads for all kinds of gadgets and the introduction to the Don Post Famous Monster masks. These were the same masks I latter used 9along with many other spookers) in many of my live horror spook shows.

Forry was the one who refused to let the Hollywood famous monsters die or the men and women who created them. He keep them alive in the pages of The Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, long after the studios cast them off.

His house was a legendary museum of Hollywood or as he coined it “Horrorwood” collectibles.

Forry you lived a long life and did well my friend in keeping the nightmares alive, now take the well deserved rest and tell the Channey’s, Karloff and Lugosi we never forgot them. – Rick

Lots to be thankful for. November 28, 2008

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fat-turkey3Hey all, I’ve recovered for the most part from my recent East coast mini tour. It was really great seeing old friends and making new ones.

Here it is Thanksgiving in the USA. After spending the day relaxing, taking our 90 something year old lady friend (you saw her on the Fostoria tornado video) to a restaurant for a turkey dinner, coming home and putting up some outdoor Christmas lights and in between get a couple new “expert” web sites up (I’ll talk about some of the strategies I picked up in Philly soon) I’m now making this post and then will settle in for the night.

Sharon and I have a lot to be thankful for, especially this year. Lots of good, although often last minute “God” things have happened, among them having to move, with no particular place in mind, and then having everything just fall in place, within a matter of a few days. Both our health issues are still a concern, but moving forward and doing well.

Most of all, I’m thankful for you guys, our new friends and those that i needed to make a little fence mending with.

Please before you call it a night, give it a little thought, what do you have to be thankful for?

Chat soon and I’ll be posting some killer marketing stuff real soon.

– Rick

Ohio Mentalist Predicted, Obama Winner! November 7, 2008

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Allen who claims not to be a psychic, says he uses his intuition and mental observations to perform his prediction feats for corporations and association events.

Bowing Green OH, In what may have been one of the toughest predictions he has ever made, Ohio mentalist and professional hypnotist Rick Allen’s pre-election prediction unfolded, with Barack Obama winning in many states by a very close margin.
“When I successfully predicted the 2004 election of George W. Bush, it came to me fairly easily. This time round it was much more difficult and I still fell that there are some unresolved issues about the election that will surface in the coming days.” Allen commented.


Allen who claims not to be a psychic, says he uses his intuition and mental observations to perform his prediction feats for corporations and association events. My demonstrations are used for entertainment and to capture attention in training programs.

Mentalist is gaining new interest as a form of entertainment, with the popularity of the CBS TV show “The Mentalist” http://www.cbs.com/primetime/the_mentalist starring Simon Baker.


According to Rick Allen, I became interested in mind reading and the paranormal as a form of entertainment back in the nineteen-sixties after seeing the Amazing Kreskin on TV perform magic tricks.”

Pressed for a peak at his 2009 predictions, Allen stated, “Gas prices will continue to fall until they hit about $1.50 a gallon and will stay low for the entire year.”


For more information on Rick Allen’s predictions visit, http://rickalleninfo.com/mentalist.html






Mentalist admits confusion in making presidential prediction for 2008 November 4, 2008

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In the past he has called many events correctly even admits, although yet to be released that his counterpart The Amazing Kreskin, sealed his prediction a year ago.

Bowling Green, OH – Noted mentalist and professional hypnotist Rick Allen,has been asked hundreds of times when he planned to release his 2008 presidential prediction. In the past he has called many events correctly even admits, although yet to be released that his counterpart The Amazing Kreskin, sealed his prediction a year ago.

“I had no trouble in the last election naming Bush as the winner, however this time round it has been very clouded for me.” Allen stated today. “All logic tells me Obama will defeat McCain, however logic has little to do with mental abilities such as predictions. My intuition keeps nagging at me to declare McCain the winner.

One thing that does seem to be very clear to me is that the real winner will not be determined by Tuesday night, rather that winner will not be declared official until well into December.” Stated Allen.

“I’m very baffled at my lack of clarity on this prediction, this time round. “ claimed Rick Allen, who I guess will have to wait like the rest of us to see if what part of his prediction comes to pass.

More information can be found about his last presidential prediction at






Persuasion Expert Says “McCain and Obama; Do these 4 things in the Last Debate or Lose the Election!” October 10, 2008

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“I offer either candidate to contact me before the next debate,”

Persuasion Expert Says “McCain and Obama; Do these 4 things in the Last Debate or Lose the Election!”  

Republican presidential candidate, John McCain and Democrat hopeful Barack Obama appear to be running a neck and neck horse race in many straw polls. The close margin still could make it anyones race.

Rick Allen, who is a professional persuasion expert that trains sales people, revealed today the four secrets Obama or McCain must do during the last debate or chance losing the election.

“Both McCain and Obama as well as the vice president hopefuls are sales people, it’s just that simple!” Allen explains. “When people buy from a sales professional they buy based on what they want, not necessarily what they my think they need at the time.”

Allen is making an open offer for either Obama or McCain to set down with him before the next debate for a free coaching session or chance losing the election.

What are some of the things Allen would advise the candidates to do during the next and last debate?

First off, they need to talk to the middle class American, the largest of the voting population. So far Palin has been the only candidate that can look in the camera and make a psychic connection with Mid-America. Both McCain and Obama need to work the camera. Palin’s experience as a former news anchor gives her the experience to come off as having a ball, yet is serious about the product she is selling. Both Obama and McCain seem to be a little camera shy, a couple late nights watching the star sales people doing infomercials would do wonders for both of them.

Second they both need to outline a clear, last attempt to close, with a convincing offer of what they can offer the American people that will arouse an emotional connection, what will make them want to buy their product.   McCain needs to offer a fatherly, “what is best for you” persona, Obama needs to have the “life’s an adventure, lets see what happens” persona. Neither successfully conveyed that in the last debate.

Third, Allen emphasized, both candidates need to concentrate on the benefits of the products they are selling, not the downsides of the completive product, in this case the other candidate.

Fourth, there are seven key persuasion words they need to use during the debate that will turn the tide; if they do not use these powerful words they will chance losing the election.

“I offer either candidate to contact me before the next debate,” Allen concluded. If Barack Obama or John McCain would like to take him up on his offer, he can be reached by phone 800 521-3653 or email RickAllen@ExtraSalesPersuasion.com


Can You Make A Profit form The Death of Yellow Pages??? September 19, 2008

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Here’s some frank talk… Let me be clear. The Yellow Pages are dyeing, dead, kaput!

People are now searching for local businesses through Google, Yahoo and other online a simpler and faster method and not litting thier figuers do the walking in the Yellow Pages. Maybe you have even seen a decrease in your YP response iof you have a listing.

Some cities are looking at the green aspect and even banning Yellow Page delivery environmental reasons (such as Albany, NY).

Why do YOU care?

Because by the millions, local restaurants, contractors, entertainers
& shops of all kinds are suddenly desperate to get a website done, and ranked.

“Easy Offline Riches”, the maverick product which “sold out” on the Warrior Forum, gives you the tools to STEP IN FRONT OF THAT TRAFFIC.

Easy Offline Riches gives you a kit, and website that makes this really easy to do. Everything you need to contact businesses, and have them COME TO YOU is included. In fact, if you buy the product, you can qualify to let Mark Lareau and his team do all the work for you after you make initial contact—> REALLY!



I’m going to first show you a testimonial from Keith, who is in charge of the “Local Biz Builders Forum” in the U.S.:

Here’s his forum post talks mainly about the way, once you get Easy Offline Riches, you can have Mark’s and his staff actually close the deal for you:

“This program kicks A!@! Sorry for the language, but “butt” didn’t seem to drive the point home. I cannot believe the effort that has gone into this program and the quality of information and tools Mark is providing here. I was really blown away by all of the resources given to help you succeed. And that is what this forum is
all about as well, so it really hit home with me.

Now I try not to interfere or talk too much about peoples offers. Yes, I will support members here, and am always willing to give testimonials, especially if they are good products, but I usually try to not go much further than that. It can cause people to think I am playing favorites. So usually I shut my mouth after
saying my peace.

But I felt compelled to once again open my big mouth and comment here.

I have been super busy as well with my own business, but am going to not push my own services for awhile (minus my existing clients) and focus on working Marks back-end affiliate program. I believe in it that much. I will probably use my portal to help promote the site as well.

I honestly think that this is a great system. Now I am not afraid to talk to business owners, but the great thing here is that by using Marks system, once I have it down, I can still work MY town the way I want with my existing system, but also target the rest of my state with Mark’s system! Talk about STATE domination!!

Anyway, I don’t get overly excited about “systems” very often, so when I do, I feel I should share…





Again, you probably saw the reference to Mark’s affiliate system. You actually can get Mark to do the lion’s share of work, and sell websites to businesses FOR YOU once you get this kit. You also make the “lion’s share” of any of those sales, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

See what this is all about now. Quite the find..

Wishing you much success,

– Rick

p.s.  You see how this is so different and refreshing? Finally giving you a concrete chance to succeed even if you are new to work-at-home and online business?

“Make It happen for you” by signing up here: